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Service disconnected by virgin, how is this possible?

Hi there,

4 Days ago, my internet cut off around 11 pm all of a sudden. I left it until morning cuz i thought maybe there is a fault. When i called virgin, i was told that someone opened a new account on this address, and that this is why they disconnected our service. Now, nobody from this household asked for this, the house is full and nobody moving in and out. with the first two virgin media employees i talked to they were saying there is nothing we can do and our account is getting closed, even though we did not request this. I asked how **bleep**ed up of a policy do they have that some random person just left us with no internet and no way to get it back. After that i called again and with the third one i got further and in the end he said that our services will be reconnected and that it will take up to 72 hours. not great, but at least we are getting our service back. here we are, 72 hours later, no internet, when i log in to myvirgin it still says I am not with virgin media anymore. Anyone can help? today when i called the call centre was closed. Where can i file a complaint against virgin? I cannot on their site cuz "i am not with virgin anymore". I was working from home, obviously not because of the **bleep** policy of virgin media ? who though a policy where some random person if they give a wrong address or something can just leave someone else with no internet? is this how a company so big operates? how the hell are you still in business if this is how u operate

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