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Service Complaint

I have decided to post in here because I have heard absolutely nothing from Virgin Media regarding my complaint despite emailing the Chief Executive directly two weeks ago:

I have copied the two emails I have sent below but obviously removed my account details:

Dear Mr Schueler
I am writing to you directly with a serious complaint about the service I am currently receiving from Virgin Media.
I have been a customer with your company for a number of years but am seriously thinking about leaving as my broadband service is so poor.
Every day there is issues with my broadband service either with the poor speed I get or with the connection dropping on a regular basis.
It is so bad that even when I'm in the middle of watching TV, the programme I'm watching always stops due to connection problems.
I then have to reset the router and also the TV box to get it working again.
The problem is worse in my son and daughters room where they have constant issues trying to stay connected due to the broadband dropping.
The speed we get through out the house is also extremely poor and I don't think it is anywhere near what we are paying for.
I have also tried phoning on 789 to speak to someone and was told on the automated service that there was a problem with our line and they would send a signal through to clear but this obviously hasn't worked as the problems remain.
I have also been unable to speak to someone directly as your customer service lines are always busy and advised this is down to Covid19.
I appreciate and understand the current situation but at the end of the day I am still paying an awful lot of money for you to provide me with a service I am not receiving.  
If this issue is not resolved, I will have no option but to cancel with you and move to another provider.
I would appreciate you looking into this matter and getting back to me by email.
Waited a week and still no reply:
Follow up email sent and still no reply:
Hi Mr Schueler
I am extremely disappointed and upset that I have still not had any reply to the complaint I raised on 5th February.  I have not even received an acknowledgement to my email which is extremely poor customer service.  I am writing to advise that I am now considering leaving Virgin Media and moving to BT because of the extremely poor service I have received from you.
I will look into this further and will write to advise you when I want to terminate my services with you.
As I'm sure you can understand I am absolutely disgusted that Virgin Media cannot even be bothered to reply despite the fact I pay over £100 a month for their so called service.
Not expecting any reply or help from VM as they obviously don't care but just wanted to highlight how terrible they are and that they treat their customers with contempt!
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Service Complaint

Hi Ewan1977, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I apologise for the delay in response here. Firstly I would like to apologise for the experience you've had - I trust that you've been able to speak with the team regarding this? As you can appreciate I am not privy to any conversations you've had previous nor is anyone on the community team (unless you have spoken with then). Our complaints team are working hard to resolve all complaints and I am sure they will look to resolve this - have you been able to speak with them? 



Ryan_N - Forum Team -
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