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Secondary account

Hi, anyone out there (from virgin) or anyone willing to help an old geezer??

The main name on the account is my wife. Even tho I pay the bills from my bank account. My wife was the person who phoned for the new virgin account about 3 years ago. Unfortunately on renewing the contract a year ago some very unhelpful person at virgin had set the account up as a ‘secondary account’ in my name.

We are totally unable to complete ANY actions on this online account, not even to add an email address for my wife. I have contacted virgin (in the days when they were offering a phone service) about 12 months ago.....yes this has driven us to distraction for 12 months!  We were told at that time that everything was now sorted (not)

anyone at virgin media with a bit of sympathy/pity/mercy ???
please email a good customer.

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Re: Secondary account

Hi Philtom,


Welcome to the Community Forums! Many apologies for our delayed response from here.


I'm sorry to hear there's been an issue with your online account where a secondary account was created for you instead. For us to be able to create a secondary account, there must be an open primary account. Do you have any details relating to the primary account?


We would really like to help, however we do take account security here at Virgin Media very seriously and so if we were to help make any account changes on here, we would need to speak with the named account holder directly.


Kind regards,



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