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I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting but seeing as I've had no response from Virgin Media's so called Customer Service department I feel I have little choice. 

It has to be said that Virgin Media's level of customer service is next to non-existent. I am a customer who is out of contract and I can walk away in a heartbeat. I called the so called customer service department to try and negotiate a better deal. The guy I spoke to, who seemed more intent on trying to be my new best friend, eventually put me through to customer retentions. There I spoke to Kimberley, whom must have the biggest chip on her shoulders than I think I have seen in many a year. Far from 'wanting' to help me, she seemed intent on putting obstacles in the way, not least asking for the thirteenth character of my password. I told her my password didn't have that many characters but she was insistent that she needed it. I eventually persuaded her that maybe there was another way we could verify who I was and so she asked for my bank details. I mean, are these people genuinely thick/stupid or do Virgin have a special training program they put them on? Who the heck gives out their bank details to some old schmoe on the other end of the phone whom one does not know from Adam? 

I told her I didn't give that information out and that there must be an alternative way to verify me, even though I had answered pretty much every other question she had fired at me, not to mention being verified by the previous guy before he put me through to her. She then continued to talk over me, which I think is EXTREMELY unprofessional and discourteous, to the point where, after she hung up on me, I mad an official complaint via Virgin's online complaints procedure and guess what? That's right! I've heard diddly squat back! And that was over 5 days ago! 

So, in a final bid to feel like I am a valued customer and Virgin Media actually WANT my custom, I have decided to go public. You have until 5pm on 18th January to try and convince me to stay, otherwise I'm off and you can stick your 2 bit peesacrap router & Virgin box (that keeps telling me a network cable is unplugged) where the Sun don't shine.

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complaints have 28 days to be responded to so only having waited 5, you’ve got a long wait ahead of you.

All posts made are personal opinions as I do not work for VirginMedia.
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Hi Neilgc69, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about your recent experience. 

When calling the team, we do have to pass through security with you. This is to protect you as a customer as well as ourselves. It's possible that whoever logged your password maybe spelt it wrong as it is done manually. If this is the case, and there is a 13th letter showing, if you're unable to give us the correct answer there are very few other questions we can ask. 

One of these questions is your sort code. We don't require all your bank details, nor do we ask for them. We ask for a sort code as this is not personal to you. It's personal to your branch of bank. 

As mentioned by Shafreya above, when you make a complaint, the team have 28 days to come back to you. 

In the meantime, if you want a resolution before 18th January you will need to call the team back. 

We're unable to take cancellation notice via the Community so we're unable to help further I'm afraid. 


Forum Team

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