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Alessandro Volta
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Returns packaging inadequate: A suggestion

I've just got my equipment returns packaging....<drum roll>....and it is.........

.....a plastic bag and a label.  No box.  A spanner that's in a tiny bubble wrap bag that it doesn't need, and said bubble wrap bag is far too small to fit the hub in.  So presumably I bung the hub in the thin plastic bag, and hand it over to whichever parcels service bid the cheapest?  

We know that hubs don't like harsh knocks as it can dislodge the heat sink and that sort of thing probably leads to the plague of "overheating" Hub 3s, so perhaps VM might want to consider how gentle Yodel/Evri or whoever are?  I'm sure some people will say "use the original box", but I'm like most people, I'm not storing a cardboard box indefinitely against the day I might return the thing (truth be told, went in the recycling a day after it arrived).

I do happen to have standards, so my hub is being boxed and has suitable cushioning materials, but I'd imagine I'm in the minority.  Isn't it about time that VM sent customers decent returns packaging in order to look after the company's own equipment?  Even a jumbo padded bag would be better than the bin-liner that I've been sent.

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Re: Returns packaging inadequate: A suggestion

Sounds like a fitting end to me...