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Returning unused equipment

On our wavelength

Hey, I have an extra WiFi pod and TV setup box that I don't use. I got them as part of my package, but want to return them because they just take space and gather dust.

I couldn't call VM because they just hung up. Is there anyway to return the equipment? Can someone from VM contact me please?





If for example you have a 360 mini box as part of your Volt package if you don't want it this could mean a change of your contract and possibly losing some discounts.

The worst case scenario might be, you return the box and it's not shown on your account that it's been returned you might get charged for it should you cancel your account.


Hi happyclover,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. We appreciate you wanting to return equipment you’re not currently using, however the great advice @roy247 has offered is correct. If you're able to store this additional box away somewhere safe for now, we would appreciate it.

Once your contract ends, it will be then easier to send everything back together.

Kind regards Jodi.