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Returning equipment

Hi I am a disabled person and don't drive after a serious car accident. I phoned customer services to ask if they could pick up their equipment and was told they don't pick the equipment up I explained that I could not get to their pick up points as they are to far away. I was told to ask a neighbour to take it or someone I knew I thought this very rude I was also told to that I would be charged £230 if I did not return the equipment. The advisor I spoke to was a very rude person I told her several times I could not get to the drop off point and was told that was my problem not hers cant believe how unhelpful she was. I left the conversation on that note and said that the equipment is here and if they want it to come and pick it up I would not mind but there are several of their people around my area fitting virgin into homes and another thing is that the equipment I had fitted was second hand my TiVo box had recordings on it that I could not of recorded and it kept restarting itself as a new setup every couple of hours the fitter said he had seen it a few times before all returned equipment is sent to somewhere in Scotland to be refurbished



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Re: Returning equipment

Hi there dalealexanda


Welcome to our community forum pages and thank you for taking the time to post.


We are sorry to hear that you have received a disappointing level of service from us and apologise for any inconvenience caused with regards to returning the equipment to us.


Unfortunately we are unable to arrange for equipment to be collected. Would it be possible for someone to drop the equipment off at one of our stores at all? If you decide to use this option we'd recommend that anyone returning equipment also asks for a receipt. 


If you are going to be holding on to the equipment for a little while longer before a return can be arranged then our team should have flagged this as an 'exception'. Was this discussed at all?


Forum Team

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