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Retentions team lies

Anyone else had issues with being lied to by customer services/retention team?

Few months ago I rang to cancel my contract, ideal time as I was moving house and would be able to have SKY services in my new property (who were also considerably cheaper). Retentions team made several offers to induce me to stay with them, one of which was free SKY cinema for 3 months along with account credit.

First bill has just arrived,the credit is there but no sign of SKY cinema on my box. Rang customer services today and after much going round in circles with the options, I eventually got through to the Indian call centre! Explained to them what I had been offered to stay with Virgin, was told absolutely no record of the cinema pass and they couldn't do anything. Asked for the previous agents name and her supervisior as wanted to complain due to the fact I felt lied to-was told that wasn't possible and the current agent would raise a complaint-hmmm...believe that when I see it!


I am just feeling really annoyed, should have moved to SKY when had the chance as now stuck in a 12 month contract with a large cancellation fee 😞 I have been with Virgin for years, always something not right with the bills, lied to about contract costs and speeds and now this-shocking customer service

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Re: Retentions team lies

Hi there nastypasty, 


Thanks for posting to our Forums - I was sorry to understand of your experience when you called to query your package offer. 


To start with - any agent can and should log a complaint (about anything) there and then on the call with you. They should provide you with the reference number and attempt to resolve the complaint with you. If this is not possible or you are not happy with the resolution offered, you can request to escalate your complaint to their manager. 


This is the process that should be followed by all agents in all departments across the entire business - I apologise that this was not the case. You can read our Complaints Code of Practice in full here:


In regard to the offer of free Sky Cinema, do you have any evidence of this at all? Is it listed on your new contract or did you get a confirmation email/letter stating the offer? 


Pop back when you can. 



Katie - Forum Team

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