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Retention Team

Joining in

What a waste of time that was . Due to be disconnected on 4th Feb so thought will give VM one more chance to come up with something suitable ...............

Despite saying I no longer want the TV & phone part of my complete package (only the broadband) they said they can't cancel elements and so would have to keep the complete package and just wanted to knock a few quid off and downgrade the wifi . I honestly have no words to describe the shocking customer service after being a customer for over 25 years - even before it became VM .

Another hour of my life I can't get back !!! So long VM - I won't be back !!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for the issues faced luckilucki10000,

Welcome back to the community.

Just from checking our forums I can see that our team has responded on another thread.

To avoid confusion I'll allow responses to occur from there.