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Retention/Leaving Options 1-1-4-4-2 during lockdown

I was told when I phoned that more and more Virgin staff are taking calls from home daily and if you are thinking about leaving or renewing your contract then phoning 150 is still the best way to go rather than texting the number given out on here during lockdown.

When you phone Virgin on 150 don't be put off by their messages and hang up. To get to Retention/Leaving try options 1-1-4-4-2. You will need your security password handy to punch into your phone keypad. You will then hear a message saying you are in a queue and can take up to an hour. You will then hear some Gawd awful music but hold tight as that is the hardest part. An agent should answer shortly asking the security questions, account holders name, address and sometimes your account number.

I don't pretend that Virgin make it easy at any time but I have got through four times within 20 minutes on Mon,Tues and Wed of this week negotiating a new contract. I was cut off once but after that I insisted they ring me back if it happened again. Good luck if you have to renew or cancel your contract during lockdown/Easter weekend but phoning 150 options 1-1-4-4-2 was the only option that worked for me. 

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