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Require Staff assistance - incorrect items sent


I called the ultimate oomph team yesterday to enquire about the intelligent WiFi plus pod. After half an hour I got redirected to the usual call centre in India. 

The chap on the phone was difficult to understand but I managed to explain to him that I wanted the pod as we have numerous WiFi blacks pots and our cctv relies on good WiFi coverage. 

He tried to charge me £5 (after he read my package details to me), I said I'm on ultimate oomph so it should be free and he corrected himself and said I was right. Ace.

Today another ordinary powerline booster has arrived. 

I've tried calling twice today again but after being on hold for over an hour both times I gave up. 

I sent a tweet to virgin media and was told to text a number, that number auto replied that this particular team could not deal with wifi(including ordering), I sent another tweet and they directed me here to forum staff who can access my account and find out what's happened.

I know covid is causing issues, but surely the UK dedicated oomph team can work from home? With £1bn being spent to improve the network you can't have sacked them all.

So 3 things I would like staff to help with if possible:

1) can someone please figure out why I was sent a booster? And send me a pod instead.

2) can someone also remove the price hike from my account, I was offered it by the auto phone system but needed to speak to someone so didn't risk accepting it there and then in case it ended the call. 

3) the website always says I cannot do anything with my package online and need to call, might want to let your techies know 🙂

Thanks for any help in advance. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Require Staff assistance - incorrect items sent

Hi LukeD1994, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


I would like to apologise for the confusion that has been caused here - as you can appreciate I can't speak on behalf of the people you have already spoken with. In terms of the WiFi pods - these are out of stock and we have no date when they will be next available, this might clear up the confusion the agent had and again I apologise about that. In terms of the account - I would advise best to call back through and accept the discount as it will be automatically added. 



Ryan_N - Forum Team -
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