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Renewal price question

Joining in

I just got an email saying to renew my contract for £66 from £54, now on my bills it says that without my discount my package is only £58 so if I don't renew will I only be paying £58 or higher than the £66? was thinking of switching to BT if it goes any higher than the £58


Alessandro Volta

Rather than waiting to see what actual price rise VM inflicts on you, why not proactively engage in the renewal process and negotiate a better deal? Or, if VM fails to come up with a decent renewal price, cancel and switch provider?

Trying to make contact and communicate with VM is an unhappy experience but, without going through the process every 18 months, VM will just keep price-walking your monthly subscription onwards and upwards.

Fibre optic

What package do you currently have with Virgin?? I can assure with good negotiation you will get a better value deal than cutthroat BT

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jakus4,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. 

If you wish to see what renewal packages are available to you, our team would be more than happy to look.

Unfortunately, we do not deal with package or contract changes from here so we would suggest contacting us on the below:

You can call our retentions team on 150/0345 454 1111 options 1,4 then 4 again.

Use our WhatsApp messaging service on 0730 532 7112 or check the link here for existing customers. 

Kind regards Jodi.