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Renewal contract not being honoured - what can I do?

Just joined

I did a contract renewal online, and then phoned Virgin to double check the package was correct - to be told yes it was.  I have received notification today of the payment and it is over double the amount that is stated on the contract that I was issued with.  I have been on live chat to be told there is nothing they can do and they can no longer offer that deal.  I have a contract stating 18 months from September 2023 but Virgin are now claiming this is not valid and I have to pay the new amount.  Has anyone had this and achieved a resolution - I am currently holding to try and speak with someone (30 mins so far........)


Joining in

This seems common practice. I am just going through the same. Be ready for a lot of being on hold and repeating your self until you are blue in the face. Just keep fighting it and keep all your documentation. I am going through some thing like this at the moment.