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Removing Broadband from Package?

Joining in


Brief intro: been with Virgin Media TV and broadband for around six years now. TV package always been fine with all sports / movies etc, but the broadband has never been so unreliable as it has the last two three months. 

Only today, had my fourth engineer visit in two months and within ten mins of getting home, the famous white light pops up on the TV box. As of now (8:55pm) has cut out and come back on intermittently 12x. About right as it’s normally between 20-30x a day. 

Engineers have done everything from installing a new router, to adjusting signal, to apparent streetworks and today changed ‘fuses’ or similar within the metal framework where the box comes into my room. 

Enough’s enough. Considering you can’t speak to anyone UK based anymore and the WhatsApp chat ‘help’ is borderline useless, how can I get rid? Paying for something that might as well be non-existent and is beyond a joke now. I’m happy to keep my TV package but this has gotta go, 14 months left of contract or not. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello GS180


We're sorry to hear of the service issues experienced and obvious frustration this is causing, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


We can see the team have booked a visit for the next available slot which you can view here via the MyVM app from a senior technician. If there are any issues with the date or time please let me know and we can look to alter this to something more suitable.


Please be aware that any changes would result in a delay to the visit as this was the earliest available, there also needs to be someone over the age of 18 in the property at the time of the visit.


Please also be aware that though most technician visits are free of charge, in the below instances there would be a charge of £25:


•    The customer is not present for the technician visit (aka a missed appointment).

•    The fault is due to customer's own equipment.

•    The fault is due to damage caused by someone at the customer's premises which we were not aware of.

•    The fault is due to theft, loss, or removal of equipment.

If one of the above applies and the customer is charged, this will be presented on their following monthly bill. We aren't able to make changes to packages via the forums to remove the broadband I'm afraid.




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You won’t be able to keep your TV package if you drop VM Broadband. V360 & V6 boxes are driven via VMs local network servers. As the TV boxes themselves only contain TV tuners for live channels, everything else that runs them (TV guide, firmware updates, catch-up & on demand, authorisation codes, & in the case of V360, recording facilities) are provided via VM Broadband. There is no connection from these servers to the external internet, so any other providers hub would not be able to connect the TV boxes to VMs servers, rendering them useless.

VM 350BB 2xV6 & Landline. Freeview/Freesat HD, ASDA/Tesco PAYG Mobile. Cable customer since 1993

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Thanks for the response, appreciated. So what happens now then, just pay for broadband for the next 13 months when it’s virtually useless? If four engineer visits can’t sort it, what’s next? Just find it almost unbelievable this company. 

The engineer has already been yesterday. And from the moment I got home around 5pm to end of day around midnight, it cut out 22x. How is this acceptable? This is the fourth time an engineer has visited in three months. Completely useless service and I need to know what’s going to be done about either fixing it (which clearly you cannot do) or cancelling without charges? 

From checking the connection and equipment, the downstream power levels are out which would cause issues. Was this mentioned by the technician during their visit? To resolve this would require another tech I'm afraid.


Have you also set up a BQM (broadband quality monitor) to run over a 24 hour period? This can be done for free here and once completed you can post the results. Let me know if you would like a tech booking, the BQM can be ran in the meantime and I will stage the visit to a senior technician with the proviso of it being due to the downstream power levels.



Thanks for your help Robert, last night strangely was the first time in about three months that it didn’t go down multiple times. I’ll keep you posted. 

Monitor it going forward and set the BQM up just to help record the connection status and if there are any issues.


Keep us up to date with this GS180 🙂




Just horrendous, never seems to stop. I’m lucky if I get a 20 minute burst where it doesn’t go down and this has been going on for months now without a single penny of compensation.