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Refused termination

Tuning in

RAF counsellor, I was offered a job for the Swedish Air Force ans had to cancel to move but no they wagged their stinky virgin finger in front of my face and said no no not without paying. I thought out of good will for the fact my job was awaiting me and all my colleagues had already moved to stockholm and able to leave their contracts without paying. Now I'm stuck here, having to turn down my job because they won't let me leave yet and when I do I have to pay. F**k you Virgin. 


Alessandro Volta

Are you RAF personnel or civillian? There used to be a waiver on EDF for forces personnel when being redeployed

Don't know if it still applies to VM

On our wavelength

That doesn't seem to correspond with the announcement which Virgin Media O2 made in February 2022:

However looking here: it says "If you’re moving outside our network area but still within the UK and give us some valid evidence of your new address, we’ll credit you back the early disconnection fee." (my bold)

I wonder if VMO2 are treating your case differently because you are (were?) planning to move to a non-UK address.

The original press release says "Virgin Media customers moving to a home not connected to the operator’s broadband network will no longer have to pay early disconnection fees" without any mention of whether the new home is in the UK or not.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Carrie95 thanks for your post although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

I'd be happy to take a look into things for you here so please expect a PM from me to arrive shortly so I can look into things for you.

Please respond directly when you can!
Many thanks


When I was on the phone with them, and their uselessness, I was told, that because I'm moving abroad the early termination fee still occurs but if I'm moving somewhere in the UK where I can't get VM then they will no charge me. This doesn't make any sense to me. It's like 'okay if you aren't in a place where you can use VM, we will let you leave' Okay I'm moving to Sweden, pretty sure VM aren't available there lol but nope he just kept repeating himself. God forbid as well if you say anything remotely in a **bleep** off tone 'I will hang up' of course you will you lazy sh*t. 

I work with veterans who've had to leave the raf either due to physically or mental issues. Or their widow/widowers. What I do is just as important. These men and women need mental support and I have to be there 24/7. We are vital

Hi @Carrie95 thanks for your reply.

We're sorry to hear of this, we can appreciate your frustrations.

We have reached out via PM so kindly respond there and we'll look into getting things sorted for you.

Many thanks


I was just told that 'moving abroad doesn't count as I'm not in the uk so I still have to pay' I mentioned to him several times that you're costing me my job for this. Cause of the move it's abit expensive to pay the amount they are asking for when trying to completely relocate 

Hi @Carrie95 thanks for your reply.

I have messaged again privately to try and reassure you here - hopefully we can get this resolved ASAP for you.

Kindly continue to communicate via PM where we can look to get things sorted here.

Many thanks