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Referral credit not applied

Joining in

Hi All, 

Does anyone know why referral credits are not being paid. I contacted VM and they fobbed me off to Aklamio. Spoken to Aklamio and they told me there's no record of any credit referral on my account.

This sounds so sketchy. Like the sales guy who contacted me, I specifically told him I had been referred, and he took details down of the referer. I then get a confirmation email saying referral click had been clicked on. 

I seriously can't understand why such a simple process becomes so complicated.

Any idea what to do guys? 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Abbasjaffer thanks for your post in the Community, although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised.

We appreciate this is frustrating for you, when you joined us originally, how was the refer-a-friend credit applied for please, did you go directly through the Sales agent or did you fill in any details yourself? 

In terms of the email confirming the referral was successful, is this from Aklamio directly?

Many thanks


Hi Tom_w

It's not a question of frustration, but the transparency of what is going on.

So I had a link from my sister to join Virgin Media. However as I waited for my contract to end with Sky we had VM installed in our area. There was a chap who was going door to door asking if we were interested to joining up. So he took my details down and called me prior to my sky contract coming to a close.

As we discussed my options, I told him I had a referral from my sister and wanted to ensure we both get the referral credit. He said that's no problem as I can do that over the phone. He took all her details, and said that it was taken care off. 

I also at the same time received an email saying your referral clink had been clicked on. So he has done something. (Can send you the evidence).

But this was it. Now few months down, neither of us have seen the credit.

I actually laid full trust in the person dealing with us on the phone to make sure he did what was necessary but I have a feeling he probably didn't - but then we have that email of the referral link had been clicked acknowledgement. Maybe you can look deeper and find out what has happened?


Thank you for letting us know this.

Normally the link has to be clicked by you and you have to join Virgin Media O2 through that way and not other way.

If you send a message to our partners who look after this by calling on on 020 4586 6000 or email them at

You can also find out more information about how it works here. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


So now I'm confused. Do I contact your partners to explain what has happened or are you just guiding me through what's the normal workflow. 

Surely for issues such as this, where the phone clerk has erred, the onus shouldn't be on the subscriber to sort out? 

Funny thing is, i did contact Aklamio. And believe it or not this was their response. Keep in mind I signed up in nov 22, to start my contract mar 23. They said, we pay out credits in 60 days. You then have 30 days after that to let us know, otherwise you are too late. 

So your take on this now?

I'm so sorry to hear this @Abbasjaffer and thank you for popping back.

Can I ask if you received an 8 digit referral code and was this used to submit your order? Did you set up an Aklamio rewards account?