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Do you need an engineer to come out for reconnection of broadband and the account for the same property?


Alessandro Volta

A reconnection after you left VM, moved to another supplier for a time, and now want to return to VM as a 'new' customer? Or a reconnection after being cut off, for some reason, while in a contract?

If you are a returning customer you should be offered a 'Quick Start' kit to plug in the equipment yourself. This assumes the VM connection points are still in place in your home and your line is still plugged in at the street cabinet. You'll only find that out though when you try to connect.

I was meant to be moving house but it has been delayed and the disconnection was 29/07/23 but I need it reconnected, all the equipment is in place a but I got told an engineer needs to come cos once the account is disconnected an engineer needs to put new codes in for it to start working again

Hi IKEAcupboards, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that this has been disconnected, you should not need an engineer for this and a reconnection form needs to be submitted, can you confirm if this has been done?

Kind regards Chris. 

No it has not, I have been told repeated times that I need an engineer out, I have never been given offered a reconnection form

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you had a traditional landline it might be a system limitation that prevents your service being reactivated as you need VOIP landline now

Hi IKEAcupboards, thanks for the message. 

I will send you a PM so that this can be looked into further for you. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

I believe it is a VoIP landline cos it's just a little thing out the back of the router

Anyway an engineer is booked and head is fried with the whole thing, thanks for the help people 

Hi IKEAcupboards, thanks for the PM. Please let me know how the visit goes. ^Chris.