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Re: WhatsApp Poor

Tuning in

I've spent multiple days waiting 5-8 hours or until VM closes. I have been a customer for 24 years but am fed up. Endless price rises, fewer channels on the basic plan, etc

The worst are the call plans that skyrocket in price

VM recently changed my contract twice without consulting me. I have tried endlessly to sort the problem but cannot spent hours on hold everyday with What's App. They also deleted my Loyalty bonus which kept my package affordable

I have asked to leave several times but they seem to have ignored it

I tried to raise a complaint via Resolver but VM doesn't deal with them. I have now to go to the Ombusdman

Meanwhile I have cancelled by direct debit though I have made a card payment for the amount of my contract that VM binned w/o notice

A formerly good company, now a cable monopoly who treats its loyal customers


Tuning in

I thought 8 hours was insulting. One would not wait that long for a phone call. Mind you, I have waited 8 hours on several different days so the total is 30+ with no joy. I first do the Chat Bot crap, then get through to the hopeless team who, despite asking to be put through to Retentions, still spend a few hours making me wait, auto-apologising all along

Then I am put through to Customer 'Care' for whom I wait until they close

I, too, have been with VM since the days of NTL. They recently changed by contract to months running. The second change stripped my call packages and now they have billed me £75 for calls. None of these changes were in consultation with me nor did I approve them

I have cancelled by direct debit but did make a card payment for the amount of my contract (which already went up in March-and 5 times over the past 6 years, I believe)

Pity, this used to be a good company; now it has the worst customer service I have encountered in many, many years

Anyone have expereince with Community Fibre?

Tuning in

This link does not lead to contact option, but to a marketing page

Hopeless company

Hi @gumph,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

sorry to hear you have been having a poor experience when trying to get in contact with us. We further apologise for the unexpected changes to your package. We want to do our best to help regarding this. Just to clarify, did your contract term end hence your contract becoming a 30-day rolling one? Have you also been able to verify the landline deal you have with us here? Also just to clarify, do you currently have an active case with the Ombudsman? 


Forum Team

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I do not know if my contract has ended or rolls on. I have been with VM for 24 years and, despite more frequent price rises, it has just been one smooth journey

I am not aware that my contract ended but I do know that I was not contacted to inquire if I wanted to continue and/or on what basis. I did not want any changes in my package, despite a price rise in March 2022. The problem seems to revolve around my call packages and loyalty credits. The later seem to have disappeared completely. The former likewise. I have always had Talk Amytime + Multi-Talk 1000 so that all my UK and international calls to N America and europe, at least, have been included

It appears that VM changed my contract and jacked up the price from £43.39 to £57, a 31% increase (^45% since Februrary 2022). When I challenged that, Vm seems to have cancelled the call packages, again with no discussion, and, subsequently, charged me some £68 for call that had hithertofore been included

As getting through on What's App has consumed nearly 30 hours with no results, I have cancelled my direct debit. I also cancelled my contract altogether but had to do so 3 times before VM ackowledged it.

I have applied to the Ombudsman but must wait a few more days before they will accept the case. I had a complaint response from VM dated 23/12, which did not address the issue, but have heard nothing since

Hi gumph, 

Thanks for coming back to us in the Community and expanding on things further. 

Whilst there is no open case with the Ombudsman, we would be able to discuss things further with you regarding this. Once it goes to the Ombudsman though we will no longer be able to discuss this and instead you would need to continue with the person assigned to your case. 

As you've mentioned it's not yet open with them, I would like to look into this further for you but in order to do that I will need to confirm some information with you to pass security. 

I have sent you a direct message to allow us to do this with you in a private space. Just click on the little envelope at the top right-hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Thank you, Akua

I believe that mat my contracts over the past 24 years have been varied, the most common being 18-months. I am not sure what happened in December but I do nto recall being contacted and find no emails to that effect. I know that my contract seemed to jump from £39.39 in Feb, to £43.43 in March, to £57.00 in December, some 43% in 9 months which is not on. Also, my £14 'Loyalty' credits had been stripped out

I did not ask for a new contract nor was I offered one. It seems to have been imposed upon me without my consent. I cannot accept that I have a contract with VM as I have not agreed to the T&Cs

The bill then went to £40 but my 2 call packages had disappeared. Unaware of this, I continued to call as always, only to receive a £68 bill for calls

Early on, I made a complaint which was acknowledged 23/12/22 but I have heard nothing since. I asked to end my relationship with Virgin unless they sorted the mess but have heard nothing

I have spent 30+ hours on What'#s App plus endless calls and all the wait time that implies

To show good faith, after cancelling my DD, I made a card payment for £43.39 which is what I had been paying since March 2022

The Ombudsman requires one to wait 8 weeks after filing a complaint. I am not quite at this piont yet but still will be so there is currently no case with the Ombudsman. It seems that VM refuses to work with Resolver, the dispute meidator

This has been the worst customer interaction I have even had in my life-and there are lots of hopeless companies out there. Virgin was such a good company; now they are pitiful

And then I hera no more?

The package seems to have been sorted and I now have International Anytime Chatter which has replaced Talk More Anytime + Multi-Talk 1000. The new bundle costs £43-3=£40/month

However, I was also promised that my arrears would be cleared. Now, 10 days later, they have not been. Instead, I have a missed payment penalty, a £30 cap, and have been threatened with a loss of services

I am not impressed. This is the last chance to sort this before I turn it over to the Ombudsman and ask for compensation