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Re: Taking Virgin Media to a small claims court

Joining in

I was trying hard last year to cancel the contract I've got with VM. Is not really possible as they're keeping you ages to catch a conversation and when you're finally got it and you're exchange couple of words and suddenly hang up. Back in August 2022 after finishing the 18 months period I was asking by Whats App to end the contract - nothing happened. Again lot of attempts to talk by phone, then in July 2023 after increasing again my monthly payment by £10 without my agreement I sent a letter by mail to the mail box provided. Nothing again, keep charging. August 2023 another letter, nothing again, then I've stopped the payment. Now they start sending threatening email, forwarded me to a debt collector company, dropped my credit score etc. Next week I will start the procedures to get them in front of the court. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello adrian-stefan


We're sorry to hear of the issues experienced cancelling your service and the subsequent issues this has caused, we appreciate you making us aware via the forums. Welcome to the community.


Although we appreciate it can be difficult to get through to the team during busy periods, we do offer numerous ways to get in touch. We also offer advice and support here on how to give your 30 days notice.


Cancelling the Direct Debit doesn't cancel the services, it may lead to adverse information being reported against your account impacting you options for credit in the future. We are also unable to cancel a service where an overdue balance is present which may explain why no action could be taken more recently.


Does the correspondence you have received from a third party debt collector have any contact details on?