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Re: Out of contract, will virgin make it worth my while to stay?

Hi Sir

My contract was up with virgin media. They were offering me anytime phone package + m100 broad band = £52/month (after 25 yr loyal customer).

So I signed up for NowTV who had offer - for £24/month similar deal (phone + broadband). Organised engineer etc With new company To carry existing number over and set a start date. No contract either with NowTV.

To my suprise VM have sent me a of contract for 18 months for m200 broadband + Anytime calls + 2 free SIM's 15gb (unlimited calls) = for £27/month.

It just shows - when you get seriouse with VM and take real steps to leave.

Note: Visible offers - must be on websites of competitors so they can check your threats of better offers -

VM will then treat you seriously and will give you a better than expected package - just so you can stay.

Only leave VM - when there are genuine offers you can go to.

Till then tolerate the high prices.

It's a shame I have to lose my £65 setup costs with new competitor.

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