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Re: Netflix premium

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Hi, Yes I have the same problem for a week and a half when I renewed my services, got given then Netflix Subscription but I cant upgrade it to the Premium Plan even though Its enabled in the VM package and I am paying the £5 extra a month. VM just decline the change to Premium and revert back to Standard. I have been ringing for almost a week and no one has a clue as to what the root cause is, get a different answer each time and was promised it would get sorted in a couple of days.  Raised complaints and IT tickets but no one cares. Its so frustrating and exceptionally bad customer service!! VM please help! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Jaydee1,

Welcome back to the Commiynity Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to see this is an ongoing issue for you. With the complaint you have raised can I ask when this was done for you? We aime to get our complaints resolved within 28 days and so could still be process. With the IT ticket again depending on when this was raised the team would aim to provide a resolution to you within 5 working days.


Hi Joseph I raised the complaints last Monday or Tuesday 24th 25th July. Below are the complaint no's



I was also told a couple of IT tickets have been raised but I am only aware of  one that was noted to me 


Just to also mention that below is a record of the calls I made last week to try and get this resolved

23/07/2023 – 12:05 – 18mins call duration

23/07/2023 – 12:29 – 5 mins call duration

23/07/2023 – 12:43 – 36 mins call duration

23/07/2023 – 13:40 – 1hr 31 mins call duration

25/07/2023 – 12:49 – 21 mis call duration

27/07/2023 – 19:19 – 1 hour 31 mins call duration

28/07/2023- 09:10 – 45 mins call duration

And I have no response on this since. I even complained to your CEO -  but never got a message back. So guess he doesn't take customer service seriously! 

Needless to say its been stressful trying to sort this out and you are still charging me the extra £5 for premium when I cant upgrade to  on my Netflix account because Virgin Media decline it.




Thanks for coming back to us Jaydee1 and I'm sorry the stress that this issue has caused, the problem has now been sent over to the relevant team and they will be in touch with you directly as soon as they have any further updates.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for the update, hopefully it will get resolved ASAP. 

I'm now on 11 hours of calls, whatsapps, formal complaint writing and 10 days no TV service after someone at Virgin decided to WRONGLY switch off my box!

By the way my Netflix has been switched from premium back to standard as part of my 'like for like' (yes I am being sarcastic) contract renewal. The CS person told me when I queried it that I had to contact Netflix directly to reinstate premium. Is that right?

We hope so too Jaydee1, please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Kind Regards,


No, there is nothing netflix can do as its VM that are declining the change of plan, so the advise given is incorrect. The issue is with Virgin Media declining the plan change and nobody seems to know why.

Fibre optic

My Netflix was 'downgraded' from Premium to Standard on Wednesday after renewal of my contract. The Virgin CS said it was not possible for them (Virgin) to change it to Premium (really, why?) and I had to contact Netflix direct. Anyway I couldnt be bothered arguing after all the hassle I have had.

So today I got an email from Virgin AND Netflix telling of my new standard account.

I went onto my Netflix phone app, into account settings clicked on where it said standars and it prompted me if I wanted to go back to premium for an extra £5. I said yes an dthat was that. Premium back. Surely not that simple. I supsect my next Virgin bill will have turned the fiver into £500 lol

Hey archercj, thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear this.

We just offer the standard Netflix now and if the you wanted to upgrade you would do it via the Netflix app.

Please do keep us updated. Cheers  

Matt - Forum Team

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