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Re: Netflix - Still not connected

Joining in


Our problem is similar to yours, @Dadeymac40, may I ask if your Netflix has been activated?

Me and my wife have been having the same problem since the renewal of our contract with Virgin in January/2022. At first we were told to login via the TIVO box, it worked, but in May/22 Virgin Media declined to pay for Netflix and cancelled it without letting us know. We then contacted customer service and after a long conversation they amended the contract, included other offers and again Netflix standard, refunded some charges and reassured us that it was included and we would not be charged extra again, but customer service never mentioned that we should receive an email activation with a link.

Then comes December/22 and we were still having problems, with Virgin Media, in a breach of contract, charging us for Netflix standard. It was strange as it would not charge one month and then charge for two months with retrospect... late December we phoned Virgin Media again and were told that we had logged in to Netflix without the 'link' (that we never knew of), and that was why we were charged, the staff told us to cancel with Netflix, deactivate from the 'Entertainment' section in My Virgin Media and we would then receive the email with the 'missing link' that so far has not arrived. We did not give up yet and we have phoned customer service three times since and nothing happens...

I hope to receive an effective answer to resolve this problem, now that I came to the forum, and joined other customers with the same complaint. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey there @TonyB42, thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums. 👋

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the billing that has occurred here for Netflix 😞
I will assist you on this and investigate this matter further.
Watch out for the purple envelope inviting you in for a chat.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Tuning in


In a round about way it is. I have never had the activation issue sorted. Went through the help and complaints dept countless times and was always told to “rest assured” that it would be sorted soon, that it would be escalated and that it was a fault at their end that they were “working tirelessly” to correct. 

In the end I negotiated a reduction in my bill to offset the cost of signing up to Netflix independently. I keep checking my bills to make sure I’m not being charged twice as so far so good, but am not holding my breath. 

I was also advised to look for an answer on the forums and was amazed at how many people are having the same issue 

The service is appalling and has really put me off staying with them in the future. 
It beggars belief that a company with so much value can’t sort out a link like this  with all the tech know how they have  

Good Luck