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Re: Downgrading package

I'm beyond frustrated. My current deal expires in March and will increase from £57 to £91. I simply want to downgrade my TV package to maintain my current charge. But all they ever do is upsell. I've been on the web chat waiting for a Customer Relations representative to talk to me for 3 hours now. I tried the phone, but my ears started bleeding from the hold music after 45mins waiting.

If I had an alternative to VM, I'd run a mile to get away from them. They are the least helpful company - especially right now when they are likely making a mint with people working from home.

Btw, VM re. your txt service (web chat) "... which allows you to get on with your day between replies." only works if you actually reply.

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Re: Downgrading package

Hi nadworks,


Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry for any frustration in speaking with the teams. 


Were you able to discuss and agree on a new package?



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