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Re: Credit refund

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Hi bernie im also waiting for my refund its been 8 weeks and still nouthing,i rang them this morning and spoke to 3 diffrent customer service ladies one told me the money was issued back to my bank the account i used when i was a paying customer,now i know im blond but no way can vergin make a refund payment when i cancalled the direct debit to them on the day my account was cancald 🤔 i knew i was being lied to because i asked her how can they do that she said that vergin keep there end oppen 🤣 omg ive never heard so much i hung up out of laghfing so much i then waited 20 minutes and rang back this time the lady i spoke to said there was a cheque issued today and i would receave it in next 5 days then when i mentioned the lady i spoke to befor and what she had told me i got put on hold and when she came back to me told me that the money would be put into my bank account at the end of i hung up then rang back a third time asking were my refund is and the lady i spoke to told me that i would receave a cheque within 7 working days and she said that they have to send any moneys owing to customers 35 days after cancilation date i said its been 2 months so were is it she started repeating her self so i hung up i want my money if i never paid my bill id be charged £7.50 per day additinal late fee so im going to seek leagil advice and im going to charge them £7.50 for each day for the late payment..please could you provide me with the address to there payments office please thankyou 


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Hi Kathy is there anyway you can help me get my money back out of vergin plz? By law its mine not theres im disabled and not haveing my money that they hold is causeing me massive any help in getting my money back would be appriciated 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, Wazza20.
Thank you for joining our help forums and your first posts here, a welcome to the VM community.

We're sorry to read about your complaint handling and this experience, this is not what we want for our customers.

We'd love to help, could you please tell us if you can view any info and updates on your complaint case here using your case reference?

Also, have you received any email communication since you raised this and have you been in touch with the team? 

Lastly, I can see you're posting above as a reply to someone else? however this is a new thread you've created - FYI.

Can I ask if you're speaking with any from our forum staff via private messages here already?

Forum Team

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