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Re: Charged twice for the month

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Help, this happened to me an hour ago and I don't know how to fix it. I tried to change my direct debit date, but asked me to clear my bill first and manually pay with card details. Once paid it said, "in order to change your date, please call to talk to someone", which is crazy frustrating because I was told a few weeks ago by virgin media on the phone, I would need to do it on the app. Then I see the email from virgin media confirming that I've paid but according to the email "Please note, card payments do not reduce your Direct Debit amount. Your scheduled payment will be attempted as previously advised." so now I've been duped into paying twice to no benefit to me and I read that in order to get your money back you could be waiting 74 days. Flip, the interest rates are that high these days and money is so tight, that money is gonna be sorely missed. It says people have been getting stuck on this since 2020, it's 2023, how is this still happening? 😳

I contacted my bank and they said I have to contact you as they can't stop the payment coming out. Why is this made so difficult?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @Tom-cosgrove,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear this has been happening to you, if you have made a double payment there is no need to worry, the system will recognise this and your Direct Debit will be lower the month after once the bill is generated, if you do wish to request this back, it can take some time to be returned if that is what you would like to happen.


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Hi Joe,

That is reassuring, so I haven't deposited my money to no where. I think if it's handier it is better to leave it. When does it come off the next bill? And are Virgin Media team able to see the additional credit sitting there?

All the best,


Thanks for getting back to us @Tom-cosgrove 

I would like to offer you clarification. I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.