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Re: Additional feature (18) incorrect billing

Joining in

I have found the same issue today been charged £7.49 for adult content I was told. 
I know I haven’t watched anything and I highly doubt my partner has as she’s never watching the tv unless im there. We don’t really watch virgin either just Netflix and prime. 
I’ve been onto virgin today for 3 hours in total now and still they will not tell me what it’s for a date or time. Each adviser has told me it’s private to me. How can that be when I didn’t watch anything and I have a right to know what they’re charging me for. Apparently it’s to do with privacy. They said the details are in my on demand history and guess what it’s showing I haven’t watched anything !!  

so virgin let’s just put lots of adult charges on our bills and say we can’t protest it because it’s private and confidential!!!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Vetty2023,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums. :star:

We're sorry to hear that you disagree with a charge on your bill. When any additional feature (18) charges show, this means the content is rated 18 and therefore the actual name is removed so we wouldn't be able to advise on the name of the film or pay per view event. 

As it is only possible for the charge to be added when entering the PIN via the remote, it's not something that can be incorrectly charged. It's worth changing the TV PIN to something only you know to prevent anyone else purchasing content through your box. 

Many thanks,

Forum Team

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