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Quickpay Glitch

Dialled in

Trying to pay through Quickpay. Takes my details like always but the page where you are supposed to confirm that you have approved the the transaction isn't much use to anyone - there is no way to access the details or the button you have to click to say it has been approved.

It's the same on the app version except the 'What's this?' block is underneath the misaligned page and when you return to the page from approving the payment it immediately returns you to the Bills page so you never get a chance to see if it will work.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello SteveGill


Sorry to hear of the problems making a payment via Quickpay, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


We aren't aware of any issues regarding this service, how long have you been experiencing this? Our automated payments line can be contacted on 0800 0643777 for any payments.



Hi Rob,
Just in the last hour or so - I always pay on the 18th at around 6pm - tried multiple times on the browser and app versions.

Seems very strange SteveGill that it is now experiencing issues. It has always worked previously? If it is via both the website and app it may be an issue with Quickpay.



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It has always worked in the past but the page has now been updated with the new 'What's this?' text box and, presumably, the new third party verification functionality to go with that.
Unfortunately the html code for the page doesn't include comments on when the change was made.

So these are changes made on Quickpays side? Have you contacted them to chase this and advise of the issues? 



Dialled in

Nope, not yet, do you have any contact details for Quickpay? All I can find is an email address and a phone number for very limited daytime contact.

Hi Steve, please ensure that the payment card matches the address of your Media account. Please check other browsers to see if you are currently having the same issue? ^CW

Hi Chris,

The email address on my card is definitely not the same as my Virgin Media account - I have no banking details linked to this account.
I previously tried Chrome on PC and the app on Android.
I have now tried Edge on PC and it looks the same



Sorry @SteveGill to clarify, the address that the card is registered to would need to match the address of your account. 

Have you been able to contact Quickpay at all?