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Put onto a new contract without agreement

I joined Virgin in August on the Ultimate Oophm bundle (from being a long term Sky customer!)

At the end of October my broadband went down, and I was reassured because my service package said was entitled to 24hr (weekday) engineer visit.  I rang up (1hr wait - but got there in the end!) and indeed an engineer was sent and problem was sorted quickly and efficiently 👍

I looked at my account a week later and to my bewilderment my contract had been restarted for another 18 months 🤔. On the same package but some now £10 pm more with something called 'Homeworks' added.   Did some digging and found Homeworks is £10 engineer support package, that basically gives what I already have with Ultimate Oophm engineer callout.

Cutting a long story short - I can't get Virgin to put me back on the original (August) correct contract.   I've had five contracts amends (all wrong) and now a mistake has put me on a 15 year contract 🙄.   Each time I ring (takes hours) I'm assured a manager will come me back asap, but no one ever calls back.

I've put in two official online complaints, but I get blank resolution emails back or emails saying Virgin have tried to contact me but they definitely haven't.

I'm at my wits end - I've ended up a new contract I didn't ask for and now it will last 15 years!!!  Any advice gratefully received!

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