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Project Lightning Roll Out Locations

I am looking to move to Cornwall and I see only Saltash shows as being cabled. I was hoping to select a property based on Virgin Media Broadband availability preferably Newquay, Truro or Penzance. Is there any information anwyhere on Lightning roll out plans? I am not looking for Connection types/speeds or exact dates just to know what is on radar and what is not. I am fortunate where I live in Surrey as it was cabled by Nynex before the focus was so tightly on cities and high population areas (I understand the financial reason for it). If I know Cornwall is not going to be cabled in the foreseeable future, I could plan accordingly, if one Town or City is on the list, the same applies. I hoped in this forum there might be some technical gurus and cable mavens who might be able to help me. Been with Nynex/NTL/VirginMedia for so long now I really do not relish moving to BT or another supplier. Thanks.

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