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Problem with trainee call handler ?

Hi, Now I'm all for giving the new person a fair go but my patience was well and truly tested yesterday. I tried to call up about 2 things:

  1. I was charged £40 for pay per view. £20 for the Connor McGregor match and some wwe thing
  2. I wanted to order a virgin media Intelligent WiFi Plus plug  as accroding tot the website this costs Virgin Media customers only. £5 per month (except Ultimate Oomph and Gig1 customers, where it is included for no additional monthly charge). 

The girl that answered explained she was new, but didn't seem able to access anything as her computer was down.

She asked me the security stuff over and over despite the fact that I had done all that on keypad before I go through to her.

Anyway i thought, I'll try and be understanding but the call lasted 50 mins and at one point my phone was running out of power i asked could she sort out the issues; non-one in our house watches sport let alone order£40 of ppv sports events, and the wifi plus plug seemed to be an alien concept. I asked could she phone me back, but she said she wasn't allowed to do call backs.

Anyway notwithstanding that I said I had to go out and could I leave it with her. She then phoned me back half an hour later and put me through all the security questions! The update? She said she was no looking into it!

Sigh! No word about my request to refund the PPV events I didn't order but I do see on my orders page now an intelligent WIFI plug is on its way to me - ALONG with an extra £5 charge per month! This is despite what the website says about it being free for 1 gig customers and the call handler confirming it was free. GRRRR! This is trying to say the least.

Could one of the mods please look into this for me? I would really appreciate it. I am enjoying the 1 gig service, but, the service snafus are doing my head in.

Regards David - Belfast

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Problem with trainee call handler ?

Hi dmullan,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, I am sorry to hear about your experience when calling and that you mare unaware of anyone ordering the fight and the wrestling on your account.


In regards to your pod I can see after looking into your account they have indeed been ordered for you,  in regards to any ppv these can only be ordered via the remote control, if you haven't resolved this I will be happy to investigate further for you, to do this it will need me to invite you into a private chat.


If you still need help I will send you a invite, please click on the purple envelope if still required.









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