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Problem with bill - being charged my previous contract price

Joining in

On the 2nd August, my promotional offer for my account ran out. This resulted in my monthly charge going from £35 to £101.

On the 4th August I rang Virgin media and negotiated a change to my account to remove the TV and phone package and just have the broadband at a cost of £38 per month. I received an email on that date confirming the changes. I was told that my first payment of £101 for the old contract would still go through but then the one following this would be a credit to get me back to the new amount. On the 14th August my direct debit was charged £101 which, to my understand was correct as I believe it's the September bill which rectifies things.

Despite this, I have just gotten an email today (1st September) to say that my September bill will be for £101 again. Obviously this is not correct. I have tried to phone through to discuss this but the automated phone system is really quite poor and the option to "amend direct debit or discuss the bill" just sends me a text about changing my direct debit and hangs up without letting me actually talk to someone.

I need to get this resolved as a tripling of my bill is completely not affordable for me and the contract I can see on my account states that I should now be on £38pm so to have the previous £101 charged to me makes no sense given what I have signed up for.

How do I get this corrected? Who do I talk to and on what phone number? I am tempted to go through to the cancellation line again as this seems to be the only one that results in a human on the other end.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi josh3184

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear about the confusion with the package price agreed and the bill you have received.

You advised in your post that you made the change on the 4th of August for the new deal to kick in on the 3rd of September. What may have happened in this time is your bill has been produced before the changes have taken place for you new package and this is why the email states your Septembers bill will be the original £101 not the £38 agreed.

I would be more than happy to confirm this is the case if you.

Please let me know if you would like me to confirm this for you and I will pop you over a private message.

Kind regards Jodi.  

Hi Jodi, yes if you can assist that would be great please. I've not been able to get any useful help from either the website or phonelines so your help would be much appreciated

Hi @josh3184 


Thanks for your post


I'll drop you a private message now to confirm some more details so I can check this is certainly the case for you, keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

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