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Good morning, my dad has had Virgin for 10 years ,only recently he’s been having many phone calls and letters which I have to deal with as my dad is over 80 he doesn’t understand , He only had virgin fitted for extra channels on his TV and his phone, which he only has for emergencies , Now Virgin have told him that he’s got her broadband which my dad doesn’t understand doesn’t have an iPad or a computer , have been virgin for over 10 years. They still charged him to fit broadband, but she’s never going to use and they’ve put his bill up to nearly £100 a month. 😱🤦‍♀️ , why has he got to have broadband and why has he got to pay for something he’s never going to use , HELP


Alessandro Volta

Did your dad sign up to a new package and/or renew with VM and get a replacement TV box?

I think I have read on here in the past that the new VM TV boxes require a broadband connection to get the TV schedules so broadband is included with the new packages.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Audge 


Thanks for posting on our community forum and sorry to hear about the issue with your package


I'll drop you a private message now to collect some more information and investigate further, keep an eye on your inbox for a message from myself.



Forum Team

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