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Dialled in

Okay, so when i signed up to my current package I was given a dicount and paying £28 per annum and it was to go upto £40 they are now wanting to say my contract end and pouting it up to £60.

Cant find any decent numbers to get help with this issue.

New customers can get the package at £32 a month plus £100 voucher or bill credit.

I have emailed the CEO, asking do i need to leave first, what a poor way to treat a customer thats been with them for around 20 years. yet this happens all the time.

I only emailed the CEO last night so not expecting a reply just yet but really think it is poor that they want to charge existing customers almost double, never mind the voucher or bill credit.

Indeed what happens when you get a deal is a few weeks later they start putting it up. No wonder its called rip off Britain.




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You've answered your own question. Virgin reel you in with great offers but after the minimum term (normally 18 months) it can easily double.

Your best bet is to leave altogether, they may get in touch and work out a deal, they may not.

You are free to take a new offer after 30 days away from Virgin, you may also be able to get someone who lives with you to sign up and grab a new deal but you'll need to allow a couple of days in-between as 1 account closes and the other starts.

Mods here might get in touch to work out something for you. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @madwayne

Sadly the Forum Team don't have access to regrade or renew packages, or process cancellations, nor can they arrange callbacks.

The best route is to call 150 from a Virgin landline, or 0345 454 1111, options 1,1,4 and 4 (thinking of leaving) but it's best to call at 8am to avoid call queues

This should put you through to Retentions (thinking of leaving) however your call may be picked up first by a front line agent. If this happens be firm and say you want transferring to Retentions. 

Retentions are generally based in the UK and do far more than cancellations. They have a greater degree of knowledge and flexibility, along with a larger range of discounts than the front line agents should you wish to negotiate a new deal rather than just cancel. 

Before you do speak to them do a little of homework. See what prices other providers offer, and have those figures handy to use as a negotiating weapon..

Also check out the current VM prices and what's available on the following page <<< Here >>> 

The lower price is the new customer price which you won't qualify for, the higher price is the out of contract price. By negotiating you should get something in between, if you do call then you can have a price point in mind to barter with. 

VM's  actual prices can vary on a day to day basis, if you are happy with the price quoted then accept it as it may not be available again.  You have a 14 day distance selling window should you change your mind and wish to reject that offer and go back to your original pricing and package. However if you aren't happy with the initial discounted price offered then phone again.

If you don't want to be tied up on the phone you could also text VM on 0753 305 1809 or use WhatsApp on 0730 532 7112. Please be aware that replies aren't instant from either of these services, often taking 4 to 6 hours, but the agents will reply as quickly as they possibly can (currently up to 24 hours).

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi madwayne,

Like most providers we do offer introductory offers to new customers, at the start of all of our customers time with us they will have benefited from such a deal. Once this expires we'll always do all we can to offer the best existing customer deal available. If you would like to look at what we can do for you, please contact us and a member of our team will be able to make sure we get you everything you need. You can find and access all of our available contact options, including live chat, here: 




not what i am seeing right now maybe thats because I am not getting to the right people.

It is crazy you should make offers automatically maybe to simplify the process and stop exploiting customers

tried phoning and live chat got no where I dont have time to waste and it takes an age and a day to get through to someone and then the system changes the dates so the security answers by a day so they dont match.

unfortunate timing you might say.

been with ntl and virgin for over 2 decades over 3 homes.

just a shame they cant make open offers  to customers, getting through to cancel takes too long and cant be sat waiting so dam long

too much background noise cant hear the person speaking very well had to terminate the call.


Hi Madwayne,

Thanks for coming back to us on the forums, I am sorry you're struggling to get through to the team in order to explore what other offers are available. 

Like others have already mentioned we wouldn't be able to help in this aspect as we don't deal with general package changed, disconnections etc. 

I would recommend calling the retentions team on 0345 454 1111 option 1, 4 then 4 straight away at 8am when our lines open, you should be able to avoid the long call queues then. 

Please keep us updated on how you get on so we can continue to support you.



we downgraded as had no choice it was that or pay well over the odds in my opinion, It is a shame that nearly £200 is on offer to new customers and that is funded by exiting customers.

We are looking at elsewhere but the time scales are such for a move it isn't easy to get things done

Now we protested but it fell on deaf ears and we will leave and are acti9vely looking and getting lead times on new services, this means that as soon as the price goes up in a few weeks like it usually does we should be ready to go live with a new service.

Shame, more wasted parts in changing hardly a good green example being set.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@madwayne wrote:

we will leave and are acti9vely looking and getting lead times on new services, this means that as soon as the price goes up in a few weeks like it usually does we should be ready to go live with a new service.

Whether you are intending to leave or not, you are putting yourself in an excellent negotiating position and demonstrating that you are serious about cancelling - this is precisely how you can potentially get a much better discount from VM retentions.

If you plan on carrying through with a new provider, do make sure it's installed & working before your VM services are disconnected

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