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Price Rise - 30 days notice ?


If, due to the price rise,  we give notice to leave our TV broadband package, does the 30 days notice start from the date we advise VM of leaving or 30 days from the Billing date ?

Also the T&C state    "and you may cancel this agreement without paying an early disconnection fee by giving us at least 30 days' notice"

As it will take some time for a new provider to connect,  can we ask for say 45 days or does it have to be in 30 days increments  ?


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Forum Team
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Re: Price Rise - 30 days notice ?

Hi there @richard1900


If you wish to leave without charge, you have 30 days from the date of the letter to provide notice to us. The date that this ends will be listed on the letter.  If you wish to leave after this date, the Early Disconnection Fee's will apply


We are sorry that you're looking to leave us due to this increase - changing prices is never an easy decision, which is why, unlike other providers, this is our first cable price change in 18 months. We know 2020 was a difficult year for many people and so we decided not to rise our cable prices last year. 



Katie - Forum Team

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