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Pre-installation Confusion

I placed an order for Virgin broadband and phone on 17 August, and was given an installation date of 7 September. The next morning I phoned Customer Services to ask about the pre-installation process, since we would need to be at home when any engineer arrived so that we could discuss where to route the cables across the front garden and path to our house. I was told by R--- that an engineer would visit “today” (18 August) and she would add my phone number to the engineer’s worksheet so they would call me before they arrived. We waited in all day but no engineer came.

The next morning (19 August) I phoned Customer Services again and spoke to D-----. He told me that the engineer’s visit had been rescheduled till “today” due to “internal communication” problems. He was “100% confident” that the engineer would visit today. We waited in all day again but no engineer came.

The next morning (20 August) I phoned Customer Services and spoke to Su----. He told me that the pre-installation could take place at any time prior to installation. In order to agree on cable routing he said I should request a visit from a “site survey technician”. He said he would connect me to the pre-installation team to request this, and in case of any problems I could contact them directly on 0800 052 1734. After he tried to connect me the phone rang for 15 min with no answer.

That afternoon I phoned 0800 052 1734 but this just went through to Customer Services again. Si---- told me that the pre-installation team office was “closed today”. However, he told me that the information I was given by Su---- the day before was wrong and he was confident that an engineer would visit us “today”. I pointed out that it was already nearly 4.30pm and he replied “give them a chance”. No engineer visited.

The next morning (21 August) I phoned 0800 052 1734 but was put through to Customer Services rather than the pre-installation team. J------ told me that the pre-installation team are second-line support so there is no direct number to call them. She again insisted that the pre-installation work would happen “today”. She also said she could book a site survey for me but the earliest date available for this was 3 September. I pointed out that my installation date was 7 September, and since the site survey would presumably need to be done before other pre-installation work, this didn’t leave much time for the whole process. She then put me through to the pre-installation team.

At the pre-installation team I spoke to L---- who told me that there was no set date for “pre-pull”, this could happen any time before my installation date. However, the installation date is guaranteed. I told him we would need to be home when an engineer arrived to perform any part of the pre-installation process, and he assured me that the engineer will phone me both the day before they arrive and 30 min before their arrival.

This morning (24 August) I phoned Customer Services again and spoke to C----------. He promised me that the pre-installation engineer would “definitely” visit today. I told him what L---- from the pre-installation team had told me about there being no set date, but C---------- assured me that was wrong and there would be a visit today. It is now after 4pm and nobody has visited.

In the above summary I have not given the full names of any of the people I spoke to because I don’t want to blame any specific individual. However, based on my experience it seems that the Virgin Media communication process, both internally and to customers, is broken and not fit for purpose. I have been given contradictory information, and Virgin staff have also contradicted each other.

It is clear from reading posts in this forum that many other customers (e.g. “FencingFanatic”) have experienced pre-installation issues. I have been told by my current service provider (BT) that the deadline for cancelling the request to move my services to Virgin is 3 September. This means that if there is any delay to the installation process I will lose both my broadband and phone services on 7 September. Reading about the experiences of other new customers (e.g. “Silver11dragon”, “jdean23”, “MikeGSD”) has made me very worried about this, so if my pre-installation process is not fully completed before 3 September then I will have to cancel my installation to avoid the risk of losing all my services.

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