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Power of Attorney for father


I have a registered Power of Attorney for my father who unfortunately suffered a Stroke during lockdown in April 2020 and need to close down his account (as he has been moved to an Assisted Living Facility and no longer requires the service). I am actually a Virgin Internet account holder myself, but my father's account is seperate.

I have seen the POA section of the website and it instructs that a certified copy needs to be sent to a physical address. I don't really want to be sending sensitive documentation via Royal Mail whilst they hare having their various delivery issues. I can very easily send access to the documentation via's portal which would be my personal preference and have seen on other posts that this has been possible.

I have tried to shut down my father's broadband account with very little success, and unfortunately due to his cognitive impairments, he does not remember any specific login details, (though I have obtained his login to his account).

As he spent over a year in various hospitals and facilities and has not used the service despite the monthly payment. I am hoping Virgin will be able to see that there has been zero usage of his broadband account since that time and would consider a refund for that monthly amount. Sadly, he is no longer fit to work which has put a strain on his finances, so any monies I can recoup back to help him adjust to his new life would really help us out.

I found a letter which has offered him a contract renewal also, which I definitely do not want, but have no idea how to stop this from going through.

No idea where to start with this? 

P.S Unsure if this is the correct board, I was hoping to find a 'Managing Your Account - Broadband' option

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Re: Power of Attorney for father

Hi MCurtis, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community. 

I am so sorry to hear about your father, and that you have been having issues with reaching out to us. 

I would love to further assist you with this to save any more stress.

I will pop you over a private message message to get some details and get this all updated 🙂
Just keep an eye out for the purple envelope.


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