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Personal Picks falsely advertised

Fibre optic

Virgin Media's store is now extremely out of date when it comes to what each of the Personal Picks includes. It's pretty bad false advertising and I'm sure the ASA might consider it quite misleading.

The differences between what the website says and the truth are quite stark...

Entertainment (VM website)

Comedy Central HD, Dave HD, GOLD +1, GOLD HD, Sky Showcase, Sky Witness, Sky Witness+1, Sky Comedy, Sky Nature HD, Sky Documentaries HD, Sky News HD

Entertainment (the truth)

Comedy Central HD, Comedy Central +1, GOLD HD, GOLD +1, Sky Showcase HD, Sky Witness HD, Sky Witness +1, Sky Max HD, Sky Comedy HD, Sky Arts HD, Sky News HD

Drama (VM website)

alibi, alibi +1, alibi HD, Movies 24, Movies 24+, Sky Sci-fi, TCM +1, TCM HD, Turner Classic Movies, W, W +1, W HD, ComedyC +1

Drama (the truth)

alibi HD, alibi +1, Movies 24, Movies 24+, Sky Sci-fi HD, Sky Replay

Lifestyle (VM website)

Box Hits, Comedy Central Extra, E!, Kerrang, Kiss, Magic, MTV BASE, MTV Classic, MTV HITS, MTV HD, MTV LiveHD, MTV MUSIC, Sky Crime, SkyCrime+1, The Box, TLC HD, TLC+1

Lifestyle (the truth)

MTV HD, Comedy Central Extra, E! HD, Kerrang, Kiss, Magic, MTV MUSIC, MTV LIVE HD, MTV HITS, MTV 90s, MTV 80s, Sky Crime HD, Sky Crime +1, The Box, 4Music, TLC HD, TLC +1

Documentaries (VM website)

Animal Planet +1, Animal Planet HD, Crime+Inv +1, Crime+Inv HD, Discovery Channel +1, Discovery HD, Discovery History, Discovery History +1, Discovery Science, Discovery Science +1, Discovery Shed, Discovery Turbo, DMAX, DMAX + 1, Eden, Eden +1, Eden HD, Sky History 2 HD, Sky History +1, Sky History HD, I.D., I.D.+1, Love Nature HD, Nat Geo WILD HD, National Geographic, National Geographic+1, National Geographic HD, Sky Nature HD, Sky Documentaries HD, Sky News HD

Documentaries (the truth)

Animal Planet HD, Animal Planet +1, Crime+Inv HD, Crime+Inv +1, Discovery Channel HD, Discovery Channel +1, Discovery History, Discovery History +1, Discovery Science, Discovery Science +1, Discovery Turbo, DMAX, DMAX + 1, Eden HD, Eden +1, Sky History HD, Sky History +1, Sky History 2 HD, I.D., I.D.+1, Nat Geo WILD HD, National Geographic HD, National Geographic +1, Sky Nature HD, Sky Documentaries HD

Sport Lite (VM website)

Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Mix, Eurosport 1HD, Eurosport 2HD

Sport Lite (the truth)

Sky Sports News HD, Sky Sports Mix HD, Eurosport 1 HD, Eurosport 2 HD

Kids (VM website)

Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon+1, Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network+1, Cartoonito, Boomerang, Boomerang+1, Zoomoo HD, Nick Junior, Nictoons, Nick Jr Too, Nick+1, Nick HD

Kids (the truth)

Nickelodeon HD, Nickelodeon +1, Cartoon Network HD, Cartoon Network +1, Cartoonito, Boomerang, Boomerang +1, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, Nick Jr Too, Sky Kids HD


Fibre optic

Anyone at VM still read this forum?

Hi @VMViewer,

Thank you for your posts and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

Our current channel listings can be found here, which leads to a different page than the link you gave earlier. If you're referring to the Virgin Media Store - which is different - head here.



Zach - Forum Team
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@Zach_R unfortunately you've missed the point.

I'm informing you of how badly out of date your website for selling packages is, and how it is very misleading to potential customers, likely being grounds for false advertising.

Will you be arranging for the information on your website to be corrected?

Hi @VMViewer thanks for your reply.

We will of course pass this on for you, but unfortunately it is difficult to replicate at the moment due to the website asking for address details (which I'm unable to provide as I have active Virgin Media services so doesn't give me the sales pop-up). 

Can you provide a screenshot of what you believe is incorrect?

Many thanks


@Tom_W1 it's very easy to replicate. Just put in someone else's address...

Here are some examples:







Notice all the channels that don't actually exist any more?

Hi @VMViewer thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

We have passed this on accordingly so please note this is being investigated. 

Many thanks