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Perfect 10 year + customer - Credit ruined after leaving

Tuning in


After being with virgin for broadband internet for over 10 years I wanted to change provider.
I called yourselves one month before the expiry of my contract so that I could leave the day it ended.
My initial call to end the contract was terminated when I made clear to the cancellation department that I was not interested in renewing.
I called back again and went through the cancellation process again and was told it would be processed.
Several days passed and as I had not had a call from your retention team( as I normally do when i considered leaving in the past) I logged in to my account and discovered that no termination date had been applied.
I phoned again, and canceled the contract again.
My 2 requests for the original termination date were not fulfilled and as such you attempted to charge me an extra month for a service that I had terminated.
I checked my paperwork and my account was paid in full.
I instructed my bank to return the direct debit as it had been wrongfully taken.
I contacted your help desk by email over a dozen times and my concerns I outlined here were never dealt with, I simply got what looked like a scripted email that did not even answer simple request of breakdown of this supposed outstanding balance.
I see that you have placed defaults on my credit file, and my ability to receive credit from other companies is now being turned down as a result.
I have also been contacted by a Debt collection agency.
What sort of way is this to treat a long standing customer ? 

Alessandro Volta

@nickski wrote:

Just read this looking for help from the community about leaving - your experience sounds very similar to our problems trying to leave.  I won't bore you with the details. Basically they don't cancel and then a month later they ask for payment (direct debit already cancelled and already with another provider). So I have to cancel again but am only 'allowed' to once I have paid up and then a further 30 days notice commences. And then - guess what? - another email requesting payment. I have spent hours on the phone. Am dreading making a call tomorrow because the cycle will begin again. Been with Virgin from the start.

I wonder if they'll mess up my cancellation, that takes effect in four days time?  Twenty five + years as a customer and they couldn't give a ****, I'm so glad that I'm leaving.  In terms of what you and Supernovae need to do, you should raise a formal complaint with VM, recorded post to the Sunderland VM address.   This demands repayment of any payments you made to gets the barstewards off your back, proper back-dating of the account closure, correction and clean up of you credit history, and substantial compensation for being out of pocket, for their failure to execute a simple cancellation instruction, for the subsequent ttishy customer service, for messing up your credit history, and for the severe distress and inconvenience.

That will result in a typical VM fob-off "resolution" cobbled from irrelevant drop down menu responses, and put together into a badly written letter that resolves nothing.  But that doesn't matter you have to give VM the chance, you reply by immediately rejecting that resolution and asking for a deadlock letter.

When you get the deadlock letter you escalate the matter to Ombudsman Services.  They'll investigate and offer an independent adjudication and the ombudsman's case fees of several hundred pounds are ALWAYS paid by the company, which will wipe out the gains VM have made by being shysters.

I appreciate that this is yet more hassle and is emotionally draining and it'll take some weeks but it is the only way things will be resolved, and because late or defaulted payments linger on your credit history for six years this will follow you around if you do not get it sorted out.  

If you've issued a valid cancellation notice, and VM are now processing your data as a late payer or defaulter, then you should also complain to the ICO that VM are processing incorrect data about you, and your attempts to sort this out have been fruitless.  The telecoms regulator Ofcom is a useless organsation, the ICO on the other hand are much more willing to use the powers they have.

If forum staff offer to resolve all aspects of this, then make sure that the goodwill settlement is at least £200, in addition to the other aspects of cleaning up VM's oh-so-typical mess.

Hi Nickski👋 welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about these issues with you processing your cancellation via phone. Usually we do not support with cancellations via the forum, as this is not an instant response platform and cancellations are best processed in real time. You can see all the ways you can cancel here 👉 How to cancel Virgin Media broadband & TV | Virgin Media Help, including by phone 📞 0345 454 1111 or 150, Text us 📲 on +44753 305 1809, and WhatsApp us on +447305 327 112. 

However I can appreciate you have not had the best experience and would like to help - I can also help get a complaint raised if needed! On this basis, I will send you a PM. You can find it in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can return to this public thread with an update when possible! Thank you for your patience whilst I look into this for you and offer support. 

All the best 🌞


Joining in

This is the standard Virgin Media business model. It cannot be far from criminal, and it has been the approach for, at least, more than a decade. Look at the reviews dating back that far. It is pointless engaging with the company...this is a deliberate tactic to bully and harass often vulnerable customers. Creating false "debts" and employing debt collectors to chase them up, punishing customers who manage to "escape", despite the obstacles put up to prevent this. Write to your MP, to lobby the Minister, and write to Ofcom. It is disgusting, scandalous behaviour and will not change until formal action is taken against the company, exemplary fines are issued (£millions) and the senior people involved that have planned and executed this over mamy years are no longer in their jobs.