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Partial billing payment, why?

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My bill this month hasn't actually come through but when on my online banking I can see a direct debit of £15 is to come out tomorrow, but my package is currently £30 a month.  Not sure why you would take a "partial" payment.

See screenshot - hopefully someone can help?




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Screenshot_20231005_122322_My Virgin Media.jpg

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I've had the same problem with this month payment.. Looks like it's a VMedia error. Forum team member investigating. Waiting for an update.

Hi jojojo19811

Thanks for your post, how strange! 

A partial payment must have been made previously for £15, which is why we are only requesting £15.

If you head over to your bills online and click 'view bill in My Virgin Media', you'll be able to see 'total payments since latest bill'. If this amount is £0, there must be an issue, however if not, then it sounds like this is correct.



My latest bill £40 amount is correct, but the payment by direct debit taken was £13 less than the bill amount. My bills always show £0 owed. There has never been any d/d problems in past months. The full amount is always taken. I've had no notification from VMedia. It is only when I checked 'My Virgin Media' the problem was noted.. There is no explanation just to pay the additional amount.

Hi annie17, 

Thanks for coming back to us in the Community and apologies to hear you've had a similar issue. 

I can see you're already in a private message and my colleague is assisting you. They'll reply to your message as soon as they have investigated things. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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