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Package Prices Constantly High

 My family has been with Virgin for at least 5 years now, possibly 6 or more, and the prices have just gotten higher and higher. It was originally only about £30 a month when we moved to them, and we only had 50mb/s internet speeds with the lowest tv package and lowest phone package. 5 years on and as a loyal customer they have boosted our package all the way to £65 per month and their justification when I call the support service up is that we are no longer in contract, they have no deals for us to lower the price and that they have given us multiple free internet speed upgrades to 200mb/s over the years. Forgive me I'm wrong but if those upgrades were free then why is my bill so high. I understand once my contract ended my bills would go up but we have basic tv and phone package and have had "free" internet upgrades for loyalty over the years so how can the bill double. the only option I was given to lower the price when contacting support was to make payments by direct debits to save £5 each month (I never miss bills but feel more comfortable making payments myself rather than direct debit). does anybody have nay advice they could give? it would be much appreciated. 


Also, i would just like to point out i looked into downgrading and as far as saving by doing that i was told that i could downgrade my internet to 50mb/s and pay by direct debit and save £10 (£55 per month) which DID NOT seem worth it anyway as it would seem the internet service is all I'm paying for at this point. Thank you all for your answers!

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Re: Package Prices Constantly High

Direct debit is a no brainer if you want to save money, as are paperless bills, although they're not much cop if your computer (or internet) isn't working.  In today's age of obsessive switching there's nothing stopping you looking elsewhere, depending on what you want.

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Re: Package Prices Constantly High

You can get Player TV (the basic package), VIVID 100 broadband and Talk Weekends for £48 all in assuming you pay by direct debit. I definitely wouldn't waste anymore money paying a £5 payment handling fee every month.

The best people to speak to are retentions, which is the "thinking of leaving us" option when you ring up. And tell them just that, your bills are too high and you can get a cheaper deal with another provider. They can definitely offer you the above deal, and perhaps a little extra or a small discount as well.

They may let you keep VIVID 200 and not charge you extra since you've got that as part of a free upgrade. But make it clear you don't want to pay anymore for the privilege of having it and you'd be happy with VIVID 100 (no difference in pricing between VIVID 50 & VIVID 100 currently).

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