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PS+ subscription with fortnite not recieved

Sorry if this is in the wrong chat but I put the same question in the gaming forum 2 weeks ago and haven't had a reply. If it's in the wrong place, please tell me where it should be. I do understand that staff will be limited at this time but a reply would be appreciated. Thanks

I joined Virgin in October and happily received the free ps4 with no issues. We saved the ps4 as a Christmas present and didn't think about the free ps plus subscription until my son tried to play Minecraft online with a friend a few days ago. I naively assumed when I set the ps4 up on Christmas day that we had set up the ps plus as well.

However, not so. I had to pay for a months fee but am obviously wanting to claim my free 12 month ps plus so wondered how to go about it?

I have been looking through similar posts and have seen a mention of a code on a slip of paper (but these may have been with mobile phones) but we definitely have not got one of these in either the PS4 box or the delivery box... any help would be much appreciated.

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