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Overcharging since Nov 2020

I was on a fixed-term contract (broadband + TV) after which I was on a 30-day rolling contract. In Aug 2020, I called to cancel as I no longer needed TV and I was getting £25pm broadband offer from Sky.

Virgin wanted me to stay and offered me a basic package £34 - £10 loyalty bonus = £24pm for 18 months contract. I agreed to this £24pm deal and signed the 18-month contract.

It worked only for the first month in Oct 2020. Since then Virgin has been charging £34pm. I have called many times since November when I first noticed the issue with their bills, and even after over 5 hours of calls with the Virgin media call centre, the issue has not been resolved. Last month the person manually changed my bill to £24 so the right amount was paid via direct debit in December. 

This month on 22nd, they have taken £44 by direct debit (£34 + £10 "unpaid" balance from last month!) despite calling on 11th Jan 2021 to confirm my bill amount where they told me that £20 credit will be applied to the £44 bill to bring it down to £24 for this month's direct debit. This did not happen. 

This fiasco is terribly disappointing and unduly stressful. I want Virgin to just honour the agreement made with them in August 2020. If they send £34 bill in February, it will be straight to complaints and independent arbitration in March 2021. 

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