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Outstanding contact from Customer Services

I have been in contact with customer services regarding my account for a few weeks and received a very large bill via email last week. I called and after 1.5 hours on the phone and various departments spoke to a member of the team who understood the issue and was going to help sort it for me as agreed I had been given the run around. He also advised he had escalated and had support from his manager to help address the case. 

He was going to call me back by COP Thursday as he was on until 5:30 failing that would call on Friday. I have heard nothing back and called on friday afternoon and was on hold for 30+ minutes and eventually gave up. 

I have subsequently received a 12 month contract for service which I have not signed up to and called again today and after 35 minutes on hold again the line has just died. Can I ask one one of the VM team to advise how I can get this resolved and contact with the colleague who was looking at this, I am aware that some contact centres have now closed so this might need to be an alternative contact person?


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