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Outstanding amount addressed to wrong person

To be honest, I don’t know when I did start to complain to virgin media because it has been for quite a while and still you have no proper customer service or whatsoever. 
There is no direct phone number to call (you can call but you need an account number, which I don’t have), you can do anything online either without and account number, and I have been complaining in Twitter for ages where each day replies a different person repeating the same advices (to which I keep repeating that I have no account number and therefore I can’t do anything) and by text they replied one day and I don’t know if they blocked me or what but they don’t reply anymore.
Basically I was living in N22 5BU more than 3 years ago, in a houseshared. I was the one paying the internet until I left the house obviously when we call and asked to change the account and mail (which obviously they never did and they couldn’t do) so I guess it stayed like that and my former flatmates kept being with internet connection (and someone else addressed the bill or whatever they did).
Therefore I have never heard about virgin media in years since I guess they were paying internet, but I just started receiving the mails that they’re not paying anymore a couple of months ago (which I’m complaining about since it’s not my account, I don’t live there, and I pay my own internet and obviously for virgin media since I could tell them who lives there but seems like they don’t want to listen, they only want the money).
So I hope that I stop receiving mails and notifications of this account since I got in contact with my lawyer already because I got enough this year being a critical care nurse, to be dealing with this company that doesn’t listen to clients (or former clients).
Thank you for your interest and attention,
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Re: Outstanding amount addressed to wrong person

Hi Lidia88, 


Thank you for posting to the Community. 


I am very sorry to hear of your experience and we would like to offer some assistance in getting this matter resolved. 


As I am going to need to ask some account specific questions I will pop you over a private message now.

This message will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page.


Speak soon, 

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