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Out of contract

My contract expired some time ago and I've been happy plodding on because overall, the service isnt that bad.

However, with all the deals around at the moment, I thought I'd try and get a better deal with VM.

Impossible to get through to anyone without at least a 1 hour wait (with no guarantee of a coherant conversation) and the live chat is hopeless.

Please don't tell me its Covid, you can't tell me that your staff are not working away from the call centres, calls and live chat can take place anywhere.

Anyway, it will probably come do to stopping the direct debit before I get to actually speak to someone.


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Re: Out of contract

call centers are busy right now. it is best to call early morning.

You will most likely get a better deal in exchange for a new minimum term contract but they will not be as good as new customer deals.

and also, Cancelling your Direct debit will not stop your contract or make VM contact you about payment.
It will just build up a debt that will end up as a black bark on your credit file and effect your ability to get credit anywhere and be passed to a debt collection agentcy
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Re: Out of contract

Hi colinrd,


Thank you for getting in touch regarding your package, I'm sorry that you've had trouble speaking with our support teams on the phone. apcyberax is spot on with his response, but I'd be more than happy to advise further.


I'm afraid that the increased call queues are mostly down to various effects of the current pandemic. Yes, the majority of our onshore staff are able to work from home to continue supporting our customers. However, this is not the same for colleagues in partner sites who do not have the same national infrastructure. Sadly, there are also those who have been hit even harder by the pandemic and have lost loved ones or even been struck down by the virus themselves. We have completed a massive employment drive to increase the number of UK agents, but they've all needed training in their roles and it can take a while to get up to speed with all systems and processes.


Added to that, more people are working and playing from home during lockdown. This puts additional strain on the network itself, which in turn drives more customer contact and therefore longer queues. I can assure you that we are all working really hard to help as many customers as possible.


As above, I must advise against cancelling your direct debit as this does not cancel your account and you would remain liable for any charges incurred.


If you wish to review your package, you may find that there are upgrade options via your online account. I'm afraid that we do not offer this service via our forums, but you can either give our team another call on 150 / 03454541111 or text our cable team on 07533051809 - they’re open 7am-11pm Monday-Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday & Sunday.




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