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Out of contact



I have recently had a issue with virgin, I've been with virgin at my current address for 5 years 10 at my previous. Last year I renewed my contract paying £54 p/m with sky cinema on a discounted price, i told virgin that when my contract was coming to an end I would like to be  s  notified so I could sort a new deal out, I was guaranteed I would be contacted via email to let me know.

In September this year I rang virgin for a totally different issue to find that they had taken £103 out of my account of my account as they said my contract had ended in August (2020) so instantly I canceled my contract for several reason, the first being they had put the price up double not sent me any correspondence that my contract was coming to an end (as they said they would).

When speaking to a advisor then told me they sent an email on the 5th of August to say my contract was ending , I checked my emails, I had nothing from virgin. Having paid £103 in September I was told I had paid up until the 27th of September so I asked as I'm already out of contract since August cut my services of then but I was told no indeed to give 30 days notice wish took me to 19 of october and I would have to pay an additional bill of £72 even though I have canceled and no longer want the service, I was then harassed for several days over the phone ringing asking why I was leaving I even had a virgin rep turn up at my house late in the evening to ask why I was leaving.

I was told about CISAS I was told to get a referral from virgin, a manager rang me back from virgin and was extremely rude constantly talking over me, the manager then lied about virgin letting me know my contract was ending saying an email was sent in July contradicting what a previous virgin advisor told me ( I checked no email sent).


I would like to know why even though I'm out of contract they still want me to pay a final bill for a service I didn't want any longer past the 27th of September which I had paid up to, why and how are they allowed to change my direct debit without my authority , and why do I need to give them 30 days notice when I'm already out of contract when they gave me no notice to charging me double money.


Thanks Anthony

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Out of contact



1) When you take a new contract out it is for a new minimum period, on the contract it would say what the after minimum period price is when the discount runs out. It should also say on each bill when it’s due to go up and to what.

2) You are not out of contract, you are just out of the minimum term. While you have VM services, you have a contract with them. One of the terms of the contract is you must give 30 days notice to cancel.

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