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OpenReach Work outside our house has caused loss of VM Services

Up to speed

I came home last night to find all TV, phone and Broadband services were not available. The hub 5 was flashing red but a Service Check indicated no issue in the surrounding area but a check of the connection outside showed that there had been some work carried out on the BT pole outside our house which has resulted in some sort of damage to our VM cable.

VM are going to send out an engineer but not for another two days, in the meantime I have tried to contact GSN who are carrying out the work on behalf of BT/Openreach for new community broadband installation to the area.

Am I able to claim compensation from BT over the loss of services?

Is this more an infrastructure issue for VM as the damage seems to be on the street side rather than in our property?

Any thoughts/views gratefully received.


Alessandro Volta

You would be eligible for compensation from VM for a total loss of service subject to conditions below

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi banhamm, 

Thanks for taking the time to post on the Community. We're sorry to hear you are without a service. 

We will always offer the next available appointment for an engineer visit but sometimes this can be a day or two. 

We also have an automatic compensation scheme in place. When there is a total loss of service for your broadband or phone line, the account is automatically assessed for compensation, once the fault is closed as resolved. If eligible, the credit is added and will show on the next bill due to be generated. 

In terms of claiming compensation from BT, this is something we wouldn't be able to advise on. 

Keep us posted on how the visit goes and if you need anything else, you know where we are. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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