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Online contract renewal issue

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My contract is ending on 29th September. Right now it's £30.40 and going up to £62 next month. I called up and messaged on whatsapp about it being too expensive 2 days ago. I logged to my account online and saw a pop up saying: your contract is coming to an end soon. Don't miss your exclusive limited time offer. Same great package even better price. So I clicked on: renew your contract. Got a good price there so accepted, received pre contract documents. Since then got my bill which changed to £31.50. I contacted VM on WhatsApp and been told that they can't see any changes to my account. Trying to do anything online says that my order is on its way and can't do any other purchases right now. The advisor on WhatsApp also told me that: It seems the website redirected you to the new customers deal and you have accepted new customers deal. That is why there is no change in package. I hope you understand this.

What is there to understand? I was on the phone with VM at the same time while doing the contract renewal online just to make sure I don't mess it up. The person on the phone told me that it will change in couple days and I will see changes and that I did everything correctly and no need to worry. Now I'm really worried as I went through the posts on this forum and seems like I'm not the only one in this situation.

I called VM about an hour ago to be told that they have technical issues and can't check anything until about 7pm. I don't know what's going on right now as person on whatsapp was quite rude and didn't know anything and I've been transferred to retention team, not even sure why - but still waiting for reply. Can someone help me ? I've been on the live chat on VM website for over an hour already with no response. WhatsApp is also quiet. 


Joining in

I am currently on WhatsApp with retention team and I'm actually wondering if I'm not being scammed - so I explained everything above and I have been asked if I'm happy with proceeding for a price of £36 for 18 months (value of online deal) so I said yes. Then Mark Jomel said: I just want to set you a proper expectation that the price that will appear on the pre contract terms will not be £36 but £46 not to worry, you will be credited £10 per month for 18 months to match the discount and offer, okay?

What guarantee do I have that I will be charged £36 not £46 if my contract will state something else ?

Yes, we will be sending to you an email that your account will be credited monthly. You will accept the offer first then an email will be sent to you.


When I asked why my online pre contract cannot be accepted and what's happening with my online contract renewal Mark said: Yes, the order online does not appear here directly in your account and system. You need to contact to an agent to get the deal and book it for you. The promotional discount on the website has a duration of time only and expired once not processed.

I did proceed it like I said earlier and his response is: Yes, I do understand that you already take a deal online. I just want to set you a proper expectation that the deals online and accepting it doesn't automatically change your account. You need to speak or talk to an agent if you want to get the deal. 


Thanks for coming back to us 3diita, have you been able to get the issues with your contract resolved on the WhatsApp chat that you were on earlier today?

Kind Regards,