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Ongoing Issues - Speed complaint

Had nothing but trouble with VM this year.

Upgraded to a new package last month - was wrongly billed but after numerous attempts, they corrected it.

I've raised issues about broadband speed numerous times and we finally got an engineer visit yesterday who replaced cables and checked the connection at the front of the property.

We are supposed to be getting 300mb broadband and ever since this package came only we barely get it. Most days I test it and I get between 2-3 mb. When I call to complain about it, they do some sort of reset down the line and it jumps back up to 300mb again. But the past few days, even since the engineer visit, it's stayed between 1 - 3mb and keeps disconnecting. 

The internet has dropped completely 3 times while writing this post. 

Can someone at VM please acknowledge this and plan a solution - I'm expecting a massive reduction in my monthly bill for the hassle of having to call up so often and barely getting the speeds I'm paying for.



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