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One account over two addresses

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I have been having issues setting up virgin in my new flat in my name due to credit check. Is it possible for my mum who has a virgin account at her address, to also have an account for my address? I work and study from home and desperately need Wi-Fi. The flat is set up with virgin outlets as previous tenant had virgin broadband. Is it possible to get this in my mums name even though she already has an account at her address?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Astables98 

That wouldn't be a problem, however if the account was in your mums name then she would be responsible for all bills even if the direct debit was in your name.  Also with the account being in her name then you wouldn't be able to make changes such as package changes or cancellation. Your mum would need to do that.  She would also need to register with a different email address to the one she currently has for her own account.

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